We take a disruptive approach to best serve our client’s needs.

Real Estate Development

We develop projects that meet your expectations and respect market requirements, whilst staying in the sustainable development front. To do so, we surround ourselves with exceptional partners likely to meet your needs. Attentive to the evolution of our surroundings, we adapt constantly by exploring new business models and offering innovative products. We are not any small simple ‘real estate company’, we differentiate ourselves by developing new solutions to real time problems by combining our excellence and know-how with your demands.

Steering and Marketing

Management is essential for the smooth running of any project. At Raized, we can count on a network of experts with transversal skills who can advise you and meet your requirements while respecting deadlines. Independent of the general contractor and / or of the construction status, the steering committee works with the client in order to oversee all stages of the project including marketing.


At Raized, we provide you with exceptional services ranging from financial monitoring and planning to quality-control of your projects, by using state of the art software.
As Construction Site Manager, we make it our mission to guarantee you impeccable quality of work and total transparency. You can count on our flexibility and on our ability to listen and guide you towards the best solutions.


As experts on the current market, we are able to offer you the best opportunities for unlisted investments in Venture Capital projects. Our skills, coupled with a large network, allow us to identify quality projects across Europe, Asia and the US to ensure the financial solidity of your investments. We operate with due diligence, structure and manage all investment procedures.